What to expect on your First Visit:

The first visit to my office is a one-hour appointment. Once the initial intake forms (can be downloaded here) are completed, the first half is allocated for patient history and examination. The second half is allocated to begin treatment, if treatment is indicated.

I often have complicated cases referred to me. These cases may require the entire initial time for the history and examination only.

I may conclude that additional clinical data is required before treatment can begin. This additional data may be in the form of various imaging studies or electrodiagnostic studies. Treatment may, or may not be initiated before these studies are performed and this decision will be made on a case by case basis.

The patient's insurance coverage will be verified and the results will be explained. This will occur as soon as the insurance company responds to our inquiry. A copy can be made of this verification, otherwise a verbal explanation of these benefits will be explained to the patient.

I do participate in some insurance network plans. The office will verify the patient's insurance for in and out of network coverage. Even when I am not part of the network, the insurance policy will in most cases cover my services and will pay varying amounts of the bill.

I do not accept insurance payment as payment in full. Insurance co-payment is expected at the time services are rendered.